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Maintenance and the Kingdom of God

If there’s one thing that continually bothers about this life, it can be summed up in the word “maintenance”. There isn’t a single thing on this earth that doesn’t ultimately fail. Nothing is new under the sun, and nothing¬†stays new under the sun. As soon as you drive a car off the lot, it’s value plummets because it is no longer in its perfect, original state. Now, it requires maintenance.

I’m a fairly Type A person, and it bothers me when things are not in some semblance of order. The constant requirement of maintenance for every single thing around us — including ourselves — is endlessly frustrating. “I just got this thing, why is broken already?” is a constant mantra in my head. Nothing is ever in a state of “completion”. There’s always something that breaks, something that gets misaligned, something that is not operating as it ought.

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